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formZ Pro v8.5 and formZ 3d Modeler with a variety of modeling personalities, including polygonal, NURBS, parametric, metaballs, patches, and subdivisions. A tool for exploring alternative solutions. If you can image the shape you can build it with formZ.  Click here for more details on these exciting new features.

formZ 8 Pro
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2Install DVD $85.00
formZ 8.5 Pro
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1formZ 8.5 Pro & RenderZone Plus Combo (Reg $1695)$1,495.00
2formZ 8.5 Pro$1,195.00
3Upgrade to formZ 8.5 Pro from formZ 8$145.00
4Upgrade to formZ 8.5 Pro from formZ 7.x$360.00
5Upgrade to formZ 8.5 Pro from formZ 6.x$595.00
6Upgrade to formZ 8.5 Pro below 6.x$995.00
7Upgrade to formZ 8.5 Pro below 6.x with RZ/RR$1,370.00
8Upgrade formZ Jr to formZ Pro 8.5$595.00
9RenderZone Plug-In$495.00
10Family Plan (Annual Support + Maintenance)$360.00
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