PolyPuzzle is family-made

Created by James Ziegler, inventor, artist, and designer, PolyPuzzle is a venture that brings ten family members from three corners of Canada together, each with their unique skills and perspectives, to nurture this exciting product.  Every one of us, the computer geeks, the educators, the artists, the science wizards and the business gurus, loves PolyPuzzling in his or her own way.  This has convinced us that there is something for everyone in PolyPuzzle, no matter your age or station in life.

“All parts are conceived with formZ and are cut with a laser out of my shop. Very fun hands on 3D” James Ziegler

Unleash your creativity and turn colourful laser-cut paper into fantastic works of 3D puzzle art. Choose from one of our ready-to-go 3D puzzle sets. Or select from our wide range of 3D puzzles in nature, decor or geometry themes. Let your imagination run wild — in 3D!

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